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5 Apps to Help You Reach Your Reading Goal

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what you want to read next, or find new books to read. We’ve compiled a list of apps and more that you can use to keep yourself on track with your reading goals:

1) Goodreads

This app is kind of a classic in the reading world. It is heavily used by many bookworms- myself included. It provides reading recommendations based on your favorite genres and what’s popular right now. If you click on a book or search for a title, you can see a summary of what it’s about, reviews by other readers, option to shelve it on your to read, read, or currently reading shelf, and, if you scroll down, you can see books by that same author and books that are similar to that one (I like using this feature because it has given me some good recommendations). Some books even have the option of reading a couple chapters of it to get your feet wet before you decide. Goodreads has a lot of features, but I have noticed that the app can be a little slow. Not to worry! They always have loading screen that features a book-related quote, so I don’t mind waiting.

2) Reading List

This app is simple. You keep a list of the books you want to read on it, or the books you’ve finished. You can create your own shelves too if you choose. It’s very easy to use. To add a book, all you need to do is search the title, scan the IBSN number, or even manually put in the book’s information. I like this app because it loads quickly, and I don’t really need any of the other features when I just want to get an idea of a book to read next.

On this website, when you search an author or title, it retrieves writers or books similar to what you searched. This website also has different authors it highlights, ranking of the best books of the year, and a place where you can discuss different books. It’s a website that is perfectly fit for book lovers, and I would definitely recommend checking it out!

4) Comixology (or the Comics Alliance website)

If you are a comic book fan or know someone who is, then this app is the one for you. On here, you can find free or cheap comic books to easily read online. Find new graphic novels or comics to dive into.

5) Book Cover Archive

This website showcases many beautiful images of cover art from book, which I am a huge sucker for. It’s organized by title, authors, subjects, and other unique categories. Sometimes you have to sit back and smell the roses, or, in this case, admire the artistic talent of those who designed the cover. What is you favorite book cover? Two of mine are The Mountains Sing and The Lost Apothecary.

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