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Get to Know the Bookstore

My Story

Hi there! My name is Angela Warner, and I'm the owner of Bound for Books. I originally opened ABC Consignment in 2006, which is just a few steps down from the bookstore. I grew that business for 6 years before selling it to my sister. Afterwards, I pursued training in alternative therapy because it was beneficial to my special needs children. While working in therapy, I found myself missing consignment, and I felt God putting it on my heart to open a bookstore. I began to research how to go about this and looking for a place to lease. After finding the perfect spot, the plan began to unfold rapidly. Bound for Books was up and running in 2018 just after a few months time! I have loved getting to meet so many people and having book club-esque conversations with reading lovers everyday. 

My Goal

Bookstores can be a place to help foster community. That's the beauty of local businesses, and that is what I hope to do with Bound for Books. I want to reach people and get to know them. I want to encourage them, and I want to share stories with them. After all, aren't bookstores about sharing stories in the first place? And it's so, so important to share stories. Whether it's a new read or an old one, you can learn something whenever you open a page. If these stories aren't shared, people, events, and creativity can get lost to time, and others may not be able to experience or learn from it.

What I Love About Bookstores

There are so many magical things about bookshops, but what I love the most is the atmosphere. It's just so calm and relaxing. It has also been so fun to explore all of the different books and genres that are out there. For reading lovers, you never know what you'll find on the shelves; you can find an exciting new read! I never know what kinds of books consignors will drop off. Bookstores are such an adventure, and that's part of the reason they're so great!

What I Love About Reading

For me, reading is something that I can do to find quiet. There are so many things happening day in and day out that it can be difficult to find peace. With reading, it's just me and the book. Once the cover is open, I just get to sit back and enjoy the words. Reading also provides so much knowledge. Whether it's a fiction or non-fiction titles, I never fail to take something away. There are so many things I have learned about a topic or an event that came from reading a book- fiction or non-fiction.

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