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Find Fellow Bookworms and Join the Book Community

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Sometimes it’s just nice to talk about books whether that means discussing something that you recently read, an author you just want to vent about, or getting recommendations. If this is something you’re looking for, then consider this list of ways to get involved with the reading community:

1) Join our Facebook group

You can head to our Facebook page and join our private group! While there, you can post about the recent books you’ve read, recommendations you have for other readers, or anything else book related. There are also other Facebook groups that you could search for and join.

2) Listen to a podcast

Head to Spotify or Apple Music to listen to other book lovers talk about their latest riveting reads. The Penguin Podcast comes recommended, which features writers and thinkers who discuss their inspirations and struggles. You can find more ideas for podcasts

3) Find a book club

Check out your local library or church for a book club; you could even start one on your own! Get a group of friends together (maybe grab some wine!) and select your favorite novel to read together. There are also plenty of online book clubs you can join if something virtual is a better option for you.

4) Peruse a website or app

Litsy is a website where you can share or find books with others. It’s almost like a social media for readers, who you can get recommendations from! Along with Litsy (which is also an app), Goodreads is always a strong choice. There may be less interaction with fellow readers through Goodreads, but you can find excellent recommendations and curate a list of to be read books.

5) Support burgeoning authors

Some of our most beloved stories began at the bottom. Many hopeful authors have posted pieces to Wattpad, or a similar website. This is where you can find new material to read while supporting those passionate about writing. If you’re also passionate about writing, then this could be a good option for you!

Let us know if you try out these ideas. It’s always great to find someplace where you can chat with like minded people- especially when it is about books!

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