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4 Ways to Celebrate National Reading Month

March may have snowstorms that are uncalled for or very rainy days, but it is National Reading Month! March is an excellent time to set aside 15 minutes a day just for reading. You can relax and take a breath all while diving into an adventure. Setting aside this time is just one of the many ways to celebrate National Reading Month. Here are a few other ways to do so:

  • Check in with your reading goals: if you set a goal at the start of the year, check in with yourself! Are you reading the genres or authors you want to? How many books have you gotten in this year? You still have some time to reset during National Reading Month to get back on track. Maybe you need to adjust your goals- now is the perfect time to do so!

  • Donate books to a local school or charity: help others celebrate National Reading Month too! Local schools and charities sometimes hold book drives. If there’s not a place near you taking books, check out this list from Book Riot.

  • Read a book with a friend: do you have a friend that’s a fellow bookworm? Pick a book that you both want to read and track your progress together! We have plenty multiples for books in the store.

  • Post about your favorite book or one you’re currently reading: let us know what you love to read and share it with others! Who knows? It could turn out to be someone else’s favorite book. If you do post about your reads on Facebook or Instagram, tag us so we can share it too!

There are so many fun ways to dive into reading month! Another great idea is to visit your local library or bookstore to pick up something to get you through National Reading Month. After all, now is the perfect excuse to purchase a book!

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