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What Makes Bookstores Special?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

We can all probably agree that bookstores are something special. They provide a warm atmosphere to roam around in while perusing the shelves. Each bookstore is so unique; you never know what you’re going to find there, and every new bookshop you enter is a new maze to conquer through the shelves. Here’s our question for you: what makes a bookstore great? We have a short list of a couple things that we think make bookshops an alluring environment:

  1. That book page smell: it’s an unwritten rule that every bookstore needs to smell like books! The smell of the pages is one of the best aromas around! It takes you back in a whirlwind of memories to all the far off places you’ve visited or the many characters you’ve met. Sometimes, it’s even better than a breath of fresh air!

  2. A welcoming atmosphere: this is something that we strive to provide at Bound for Books. We’re always changing our decorations around, and our associates have a plethora recommendations to give to you! We’re always happy to help!

  3. A reading nook: it’s always nice when bookstores have a cozy place to read whether that’s somewhere tucked away in a corner, or a window seat. You can always read your latest purchase in our chairs we have throughout the store. If you travel into our Youth Fiction section, there’s a window seat! Of course, Michigan may not be warm enough for this yet, but we also have chairs outside if you’d like to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

  4. Personal touches: these are things that make a bookstore unique. Personal touches make the bookshops stand out! There are some with rolling ladders so that you can reach the books on the top shelf, and others have a little coffeeshop in them! We have our book art with cutouts of pages to make a design. We also have our window displays that change seasonally and are always fun to set up!

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