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Audio Books: The Perfect Way to Multitask

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Why should I listen to audio books?

  • Like books, audio books can help you increase your vocabulary by hearing different words.

  • They can help you learn a new language! Audio books can help with comprehension, fluency, and pronunciation.

  • You can imagine the story better because audio allows our brain more room to engage in visual processes.

  • You can reduce negative thinking since listening to someone reading out loud can replace those nagging, negative thoughts.

  • Rest your eyes and improve your sleep. Audio books can take away eye strain that you may experience when reading a book or an e-book. In turn, a reduction in the blue light from an e-book helps us get better sleep, and who wouldn’t want that?

  • It’s a great alternative- especially if you’re not prone to sitting down and reading a book, or when you just don’t have time! Listening to audio books while doing the dishes, vacuuming, driving, or going for a walking can make all these activities more enjoyable.

  • Still not convinced? You can find more reasons to listen to audio books in this article.

Where can I listen to audio books?

  • There are a couple different places you can get access to audio books. The first is with us! We have audio books in stock that you can find online and in-store. Our audio authors range from James Patterson to John Grisham, and Harlan Coben to Nicholas Sparks. All you need to do is pop it in the CD player and start listening!

  • Apple or Google Play books also gives you access to audio books. You would need to purchase each book individually.

  • Audible, Scribd, and offer monthly subscriptions for audio books. You can get access to a Netflix-style list, but you may have to purchase individual books if they are on the premium list.

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I’ve been wanting to try an audio book. I’ve heard from a lot of people that they really love it!

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They are great to have playing for long trips, laying out, or while working on a puzzle, doing dishes, or taking a bath! I always have an audio book going and have enjoyed listening to narrators that have English accents! It’s a great way to expand your book list. Give it a try!

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